How to get the best possible tarot reading

  • Don’t try to get the lottery numbers or the winner of the Super Bowl. It doesn’t work. I mean it might work for one of your infinite multiverse selves, but I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole here.
  • Don’t ask about big stuff, for instance, world events; e.g. “When will the pandemic end?” Ask instead how you can better adapt your life to the situation instead. “How will my business be affected long-term by X Y Z?”
  • Be as specific with your question, at least with yourself if you don’t want to tell me what the question is. “What will happen if I start an Indonesian food pop-up next year in Los Angeles?” is better than “What will happen if I start a pop-up?” It’s a good idea to ask the antitheses as well “What will happen if I don’t X Y Z?” I will usually do a three-card reading for both the affirmative and the negative.
  • It’s ok to not have a specific question if you just want to get a snapshot of the forces in play around you instead. I actually recommend doing this every few months and keeping the results in a journal you can look back on, as I do. I will generally use a six card layout for this.
  • I have different decks for different types of readings, if you are asking about when something is going to happen or about greater universal forces in play in your life, let me know. If you want more of a witchy, earthy, divinatory reading, different deck. If you just want down and dirty with a deck of playing cards with no heavy metaphysics for a simple question, that’s great too.
  • You may get an answer to a question you haven’t even thought of, so if a reading doesn’t seem to apply to your question be open minded. Sometimes a reading goes wrong for whatever reason; I caught someone/something else’s energy nearby, the querent wasn’t focused on a question, or I just got it wrong. Let me know honestly if it feels that way and we can reshuffle and start over. I do encourage you to write down the “wrong” reading anyway.. in case it suddenly becomes not so wrong as situations change.

Remember, these are playing cards. Don’t make major decisions based solely off of a tarot reading please! I can only promise you that you will either get a new and interesting perspective on your situation or confirmation of what you already new deep down. I sincerely hope that you will find tarot to be a useful tool in your life’s toolbox, as I do.

I don’t have a set fee for services at the moment, we’re all in an a crisis and I don’t want to turn anyone away. This does take a lot of energy out of me, not to mention time, so if you can spare what you would spend to buy me a drink if I could read for you in a bar, I would appreciate it (@Kevin-carlow-1 VM). If not, just pay forward a kindness to someone until we get back on our feet. We’re in it together.

Contact me at PalmSpringsTarot@gmail.com to get started!