New Project!

I decided that, as much as I love the name Cryptic Cocktails, the concept was kind of getting away from me. I am keeping the site up, (and may return to it in the future, who knows?), but I wanted to find something more authentic to where I am right now in life.

I still love ghost stories and magic, and I still create cocktails for a living (when I can, these days!), but I am far more focused on self-growth, health, and practical mysticism recently. Having “cocktail” in the title seemed dishonest, and I felt I had to put cocktail-related content on there to make it work. I chose a cheeky name based on the fact that I am, at heart, an obnoxious Boston sports fan who swills Dunkin iced coffee, but also someone who spends a lot of his time on esoteric subjects.

I hope you’ll get something from it, and follow me over to Mystic Masshole where I will dive into these topics (and more!), with a little humor and a grain of salt.