(Slightly) New Direction for the Blog

It’s high time to decide what I want to spend my time on and what I don’t. With the clarity of the last few months of idleness and insanity, I have decided that I want my online presence to be things that I control, on subjects I care about, and not just things for the dopamine rush of “likes”.

First of all, I am getting away from the cocktails and bartending stuff. While I am still a bartender, and I still think that cocktails are ‘history in a glass’ (to quote someone or other), I don’t plan on spending any more free time on such things other than my duties to work or my column for the local independent paper. I might repost my column here and there.

I went with the tagline “Mysticism, Gnosis, Magic, Hermeticism” because it sums up pretty well what I like to engage with, and it was inspired by the chapter on The High Priestess in Meditations on the Tarot that I am reading this week. Funny how things sync up like that sometimes. I am not limiting to just those things, but those things are a pretty wide umbrella.

I am keeping the the name for now, because I like the alliteration and the double alliteration with my first and last name, but I may rebrand at some point so as to not confuse anyone.

So, if you find this stuff interesting, stay tuned! If you want Margarita recipes, there are plenty of good places online for those. Godspeed.


Published by

Kevin Carlow

Masshole in California, alien in the desert, iced coffee enthusiast

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