On Tarot-Vino a month later..

I have had so many people asking me for readings the last few weeks since Tarot-Vino, my first event. I have told everyone the same thing, my decks are taking a nap right now. Why? Because reading cards is pretty draining.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I was super excited that a ton of people showed up. I was fortunate to have amazing friends promote the whole thing and participate. It was a highlight of my year to realize we can put something together and get mystically-minded people together in such a great way.

But I did it like such a rookie. I will read tarot again, I will do Tarot-Vino part II, but next time it’s going to be about setting some energy boundaries and scheduling reading with people ahead of time, not a queue. Every reading, although I truly love to read cards, is draining the next day. Energizing at the time for sure, but I was feeling it for days, possibly weeks, after. I will definitely find a better way, but it’s probably going to be a couple of months. Until then I am working on movie and campfire story nights to keep things going.. and if you want a reading, just be patient. We’ll figure something out soon enough!

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